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Do you want to become a Top Producer in your industry?

Are you having trouble obtaining or keeping clients? Are you finding it difficult to help your clients deal with fear and uncertainty? Do they start out strong only to slow down and eventually just fade away?

In the IFPG Top Producer Program we deal with these issues and many more challenges you will face trying to sell your next franchise. In the Top Producer Program you’ll be placed into a small group, no more than 10 people will be in each group.

Our webinars are twice per month to introduce new ideas in many areas of your business including:

What you will learn:

  • Getting more qualified leads
  • Working with fewer clients and getting better results per client
  • Setting your client up to move through validation
  • Keeping your client moving
  • Helping your client deal with fear producing situations
  • Knowing how to help your client see that they’re ready to succeed and getting them across the finish line

In addition, you’ll also have a chance to bring real life, real time situations from your business to the group for discussion and strategy.

We hope you’ll join us for a great learning and growing experience that can take your business to a level you may not have imagined!

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