IFPG Top Producer Program

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The IFPG Top Producer Program allows you to learn from an expert as well as share new ideas with other IFPG Consultants

Become a Top Franchise Consultant

We want you to succeed and become a Top Producer! Included in the IFPG Franchise Consultant Training Program is 90 days of mentorship designed to help guide you through the start of your new career.

Your mentor is an expert in the franchise consulting industry and will play a crucial role in the first few months of your business. Having a mentor group will allow you to share new ideas with other new consultants as well as receiving expert guidance from your mentor.

In the IFPG Top Producer Program you’ll be placed into a small group of no more than 10 people. Your mentorship sessions are twice per month but if you have questions between sessions, email and phone support is available from the IFPG Team.

What You Will Learn

In the IFPG Top Producer Program you will learn:

  • How to handle your initial call with a lead
  • Qualifying your client
  • Setting your client up to move through validation
  • Keeping your client moving
  • Helping your client deal with fear producing situations
  • Working with Franchisors
  • Knowing how to help your client see that they’re ready to succeed and getting them across the finish line

In addition, you’ll also have a chance to bring real life, real time situations from your business to the group for discussion and strategy. This learning and growing experience can take your Franchise Broker business to a level and get you on your way to become a Top Producer!

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