For our law firm and for our franchisor clients, IFPG has been an amazing resource...If you're a franchisor, franchise broker or even a franchise professional, IFPG should be the hub of your professional development.

Charles Internicola, The Internicola Law Firm

We have an active relationship with IFPG. 90% of our leads in our pipeline today are from brokers, and the bulk of those are from IFPG. The relationship with the candidates themselves are strong, the relationships with the brokers are strong, the quality of people that have shown up is night and day to what we were accustomed to (from the competition). Our top three producing brokers are from IFPG, and those three brokers will make over six digits in commissions just from us this year.

Eric Edwards & Chris Brown, Menchie's and MidiCi

The personalized service I receive from IFPG is beyond reproach and well worth the monthly fee. Furthermore, IFPG's constantly growing franchise portfolio is tremendously helpful in growing my own business. I appreciate the time and effort Don and his team put into making IFPG the top franchise group in the business and hope to be part of this group for many years to come.

Michael Zicchinolfi, IFPG Consultant Member

What I really like about IFPG is the inventory; they've got a really distinguished inventory and a great group of franchises to work with. They are continuously innovating and I always know that I've got support: if there's anything I need I know there are people I can call that will help me get the answers that I need, or get me the training that I need or get me new tools that I need.

Adrienne Leigh, Murphy Business & Financial Corporation

I've found The IFPG to be a tremendous resource. In fact, we sold our first franchise after only 30 days of our membership with IFPG.  We went to their website, found it and sold it within 30 days. So I'm a big believer in the IFPG. Since then, we've done several others and are looking to do many more in the future. Highly recommend it and it's a great resource, you can find everything you need on their website. It's updated frequently which is a great help so it doesn't keep us guessing as business brokers.

Russell Miller, Murphy Business & Financial Corporation in New Jersey

We've been engaged with IFPG for less than three months now, we've already closed a two territory deal. It's been a great experience, we are loving the brokers and looking forward to more great experiences.

Jeremy Barnhart, Apex Fun Run

I have been a member of the IFPG and from the website, and the networking, and the people I've met there, it's been an invaluable resource for me in terms of making connections and becoming more integrated in the franchise community. So if you're thinking about being a member or joining IFPG I couldn't recommend it enough.

Tom Spadea, Spadea, Lanard & Lignana Attorneys at Law

IFPG is a great resource for anyone in the franchise industry. They are a great gorup of people, very helpful and phenomenal to work with. There's a ton of information...a lot of resources available, whether you're a franchisor or a supplier, IFPG is definitely the right place to be.

Brian Lincer, The Internicola Law Firm

We highly recommend IFPG.  Their network has been a great resource for building relationships with new clients and giving us important industry news and information needed to continue our Company growth.

Don Johnson, Diamond Financial Services/A.B. Nicholas

The IFPG is really going to be the future of how brokers and franchisors come together. The IFPG has a fantastic host of services, the website is constantly being updated, constantly getting new information. They really took the time to get to know me, to get to know our team, our company. They’ve worked very closely with us and have been very responsive to the things we need. They are, at their heart, truly interested in helping their clients find the right kind of match.

Mark Elson, Monster Tree Service

IFPG offers me the necessary tools and support I need to run my operations as efficiently as possible. The website is especially well organized, up to date, and easy to navigate. I use the unique "Lead Feed" feature often with excellent results. IFPG is my "go to" franchise broker resource.

Ritchie Labate, IFPG Consultant Member

All of our brands are members of the IFPG Network. We’ve found them to be very professional, they have a great website, we have a great opportunity to reach out to their people. We’ve found everybody at IFPG to be incredibly professional, very responsive, and very helpful.

Steve Schick, Pinnacle Franchise Solutions

We’re excited with our affiliation with the IFPG. The professional tenure of the consultants and the staff of the IFPG makes it a no-brainer to be associated with this, we’re thrilled to be part of this group.

Ray Shuler, Monster Tree

I think their criteria that they use to select franchisors they work with is exceptional. The whole network has the right cultural feel for us and our business.

Katrina Mitchell, SPEAK

We are very excited and enthusiastic to continue to develop our relationship with IFPG. They’ve been wonderful so far. We look forward to a lot of quality leads and know that they’ll be handled with professionalism.

Randy Clegg, Apple Spice Cafe & Bakery

We recently decided to join IFPG with all of our brokers because of the services they provide. The ease of use for all of our brokers to find franchisors, to help them refer their clients to the right franchises is absolutely amazing. Their service has been phenomenal, we did a lot of research before we joined with IFPG. We looked at a lot of other service organizations for franchise consultants, and we determined that there was absolutely no comparison with any of the other companies that are out there.

Sandee Devine, Murphy Business & Financial Corporation

Utilizing the IFPG Lead Feed and other tools the IFPG has in place for franchisors is just good business sense! I have seen an increase in interest for our brands and have thoroughly enjoyed expanding my network to include the IFPG family.

Shemar Pucel, Sweetfrog

I've known Don since 2005. IFPG has an incredible platform that will enable business brokers to access hundreds of franchises. I've used it often and was able to develop a great platform on my individual website. I recommend Don at IFPG. It's an incredible way to make revenue for the business brokerage industry. They do a great job, - professional team - it is a fantastic program and I recommend it to any business broker if they are interested in getting involved in franchising.

Russell Cohen, Murphy Business & Financial Corporation

I actually have several different clients in the IFPG portfolio, including Liquid Capital. We've had great success with IFPG. The brokers have always been responsive giving us fantastic candidates and we've had the pleasure of having several successes through the IFPG network.

Michael Peterson, Franchise Beacon

We've been members of the IFPG for a little over two years. We really enjoy working with the brokers at the IFPG; helping them get their candidates funded quickly, safely and economically. Looking forward to the future growth of the company and working with all the future brokers.

Dallas Kerley, Benetrends

I have enjoyed being a member of the IFPG over the past several months. Don Daszkowski is extremely helpful and customer focused. IFPG has helped Franchising USA magazine and Veterans in Franchising promote a variety of opportunities (editorial and advertising) within our magazines. We have worked with several IFPG Members because of Don’s ability to connect people. I am so glad that I joined the IFPG, and I look forward to a long-standing relationship with Don and his organization.

Kimberly Kutnick, Franchising USA Magazine

"On behalf of 1Heart Caregiver Services, I would like to thank you for your assistance with our recent IFPG Discovery Day. Because of your help, we were able to attract IFPG brokers to attend our event. The brokers who participated gave us positive feedback and offered to provide any leads who may be interested in our franchise."

Kevin Lim, 1Heart Caregiver Services