Filta Environmental Closes a Deal with the Help of a Team of IFPG Consultants!

This team of IFPG Consultants helped their client realize their dream of owning their own business. Teamwork, Collaboration and Flexibility helped to get this couple over the line during this interesting time.

"It was a pleasure working with (the IFPG Consultant) to get her clients through our system. They made the decision to purchase their franchise right as the pandemic hit. As expected, being that Filta is in the food sector, an element of fear entered as to the economy, the industry and the timing. They were planning to use a ROBS for their purchase and so we made the decision to eliminate our timeline for opening requirement to allow their 401k to rebound before making their payment. The clients were very encouraged to learn about Filta's new service, FiltaShield, in which we are now sanitizing as a means to continue generating revenue in markets that we would normally not be able to service. (The IFPG Consultant) matched us with perfect candidates and we look forward to the future growth we are certain will come out of this new franchise." -- Adam Blake, Filta

Filta is the pioneer of on-site fryer management and cooking oil filtration services. With little to no competition, Filta's services are provided to commercial kitchens on average 1-2 times each week.

Congratulations to ALL on a job well done!

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