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Game Day Men's Health Franchise Expands in DFW

Game Day Men's Health Franchise

Game Day Men's Health is excited to be expanding with two qualified IFPG Consultant Candidates. One Candidate is the Chief Marketing Officer for a group of retail and wholesale brands and has worked in marketing in B2C companies focused on beauty, retail, agriculture, beverage, technology, and financial services.

She holds an MBA from Stanford (a school specializing in entrepreneurship). Her focus on marketing and customer acquisition allows her to build the brand while employing tactics to drive high-value, low-cost customer acquisition in a way that is loyal to the brand.

The other Candidate has worked in technology and consulting for his entire career. As Chief Customer Officer for B2B technology-focused companies, he has owned the growth, support, implementation, and training teams at several companies, with geographically and professionally diverse teams of up to 56 people. The Candidate's focus is on building a team to execute metrics-based optimization of the business and on creating an exemplary customer experience, creating promoters and champions of the services and of the brand. Creating and growing employees is the essential mark of a good leader, and he's proud to say that he has been able to execute that vision in multiple roles.

"We're a customer-centric team with a lot of education and experience behind us, who can partner to drive a premium customer experience for the brand." - IFPG Consultant Candidate.

Franchise FastLane is privileged to be representing Game Day Men's Health. GameDay is uniquely positioned in the booming health and wellness space with the best in the industry branding as well as an experienced franchisor team. The number of franchisees and awarded territories continues to grow at lightning speed and shows no signs of slowing down.