MASSAGE HEIGHTS IS COMING TO MICHIGAN and it is Just What they “Kneaded”!

Two best friends and neighbors are the newest addition to the Massage Heights family with two territories in Detroit, Michigan!

his journey began when one went into Massage Heights for a treatment for the first time in San Antonio, Texas and he had an AMAZING experience! After this his entrepreneurial mind started imagining the benefits of owning a retreat of his own. He decided to introduce the idea to his best friend and neighbor and the rest is history!

They are already extremely successful business men and this was the perfect addition to their portfolio. One is an International Construction Project Manager and also owns a transportation company. He has received massages all over the world and understands the consistent need for this therapeutic treatment as work and travel have taken a toll on his body over the years.   The other is a respected Obstetrician/Gynecologist and understands the medical benefits and future of holistic healthcare and the significant role it will continue to play in the short and long term.

Shortly after attending Discovery Day with the leadership team, they were more committed than ever to launch their business and decided to move forward with two territories. Massage Heights is about to take over Michigan and we can’t wait to watch them succeed! Congratulations also to Jen Cain of Franchise FastLane!

Congratulations on a job well done!

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