Certified Franchise Consultant (CFC) Training

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Certified Franchise Consultant Training

IFPG’s comprehensive, one-on-one Certified Franchise Consultant Training will give you the tools you need for a successful franchise consulting business. We cover everything for setting up and running your business as a Certified Franchise Consultant including site training and lead generation. Accomplished IFPG consultants will hold the keys to long-term success by following the highest standards of ethical business practices. As a student of IFPG’s franchise broker academy, you will learn the ins and outs of the industry.

Don and Franchise Consultants at IFPG Retreat

Train in-person at many of our industry events including the IFPG Retreat.

How to Become a Franchise Consultant

In just 4-6 weeks, we will give you all of the tools and the training you need to take your CFC Exam and become a Certified Franchise Consultant. Our program is fully comprehensive and will prepare you for every aspect of how to become a Franchise Consultant. 

Franchise Consultant Training

In terms of our Franchise Broker Training, your first three foundational courses can be taken online or in person. The other courses are live, one-on-one online sessions. We also offer several on-demand Franchise Consultant Training courses that can be done on your own time.

After all of your Certified Franchise Consultant Training courses are complete, you will receive access to the CFC exam. This 60-question exam can be taken until a perfect score of 100% is achieved. This distinction ensures that Certified Franchise Consultants have the tools they need to perform within the industry’s highest standards. Upon passing your exam, you will receive a CFC certification and be mailed a certificate of achievement.

Franchise Consultant License

Your new credentials as a Certified Franchise Consultant can be thought of as a CFC license. With your CFC certification and affiliation with IFPG’s network, you will have access to hundreds of the industry’s most respected franchise brands and can start franchise consulting services right away.

franchise consultant certification

After Receiving Your Franchise Consultant Certification

Becoming a Certified Franchise Consultant means you'll be part of an established community that is committed to your success. Learning doesn’t stop once you have your CFC designation. With your CFC certification, the IFPG holds more than 150 educational webinars each year called Impact Sessions. By joining these webinars, you will continue to enhance your skills and grow professionally. As a Certified Franchise Consultant, you will learn more about the business, best practices, industry changes, industry trends and receive tips and tricks from our most successful brokers. You will receive CFC credits for each Impact Session. Currently, 60 credits per year is needed to maintain your CFC certification. The Certified Franchise Consultant program is an opportunity for our members to enhance their skills with continued professional development. IFPG Impact Sessions have given Certified Franchise Consultants the tools they need to stand out as the industry’s best. And there is never an additional fee for ongoing education with IFPG.

franchise broker certification

franchise consultant certification

Your franchise broker certification gives you access to all of IFPG's great events! 

The Importance of Franchise Broker Certification

As a Certified Franchise Consultant, you will have instant industry recognition. The IFPG is known throughout franchising for its innovation, ethical business practices, and commitment to excellence. Your franchise consultant certification will put you on a path to a successful and lucrative new career where you can make a difference every day!

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