How Much Can I Make as a Franchise Consultant

You may be wondering what is the average salary for a franchise consultant, but there is no simple answer. The truth is, franchise consultants essentially determine their salaries themselves. How much franchise consultants make really depends on how much they want to make! Franchise broker pay can vary from a supplemental income to an impressive six-figure salary. As part of a franchise broker affiliate program, you will have the tools to work when you want, where you want, and as much as you want.

Considering the flexibility of a franchise consultant’s work schedule, you can see why the franchise consultant pay rate can vary. The consulting franchise model is based on effort. What you put in is truly what you get out. That is why people from all walks of life choose careers as franchise consultants. From stay-at-home moms to c-level executives, professionals with different backgrounds and desired outcomes choose careers in franchise consulting. Besides the generous franchise consultant pay rate and income potential, flexibility and an opportunity to make a difference are additional reasons people chose this field.

How Much Does a Franchise Consultant Cost?

People looking to invest in franchise businesses can turn to franchise consultants free of charge. A franchise broker, franchise consultant, and franchise business consultant are interchangeable names for professionals who help people find opportunities in franchising. Specifically, people who work with aspiring franchisees are called franchise consultants. For franchise seekers, there is no cost for franchise consulting services.

When franchise consultants work with franchisors, they are often referred to as franchise brokers. But no matter the term that's used, the franchise consultant pay rate and the franchise broker pay rate are one in the same. So if someone asks, how much do franchise brokers make?, they are also asking how much does a franchise business consultant make? There’s really no difference.

How Much Does a Franchise Broker Make?

How much does a franchise broker or a franchise consultant make? It totally depends on the amount of time and effort invested. Top franchise consultants can make executive-level salaries. But even with a part-time effort, a franchise consultant’s salary can be quite impressive.

The IFPG Franchise Consultant Training Program will give you all of the tools, support, and training necessary to do well by doing good. This is a chance to help others (both franchise seekers and franchisors) while earning a lucrative income.

Since franchise consulting is a word-of-mouth business, franchise consultant reviews are very important. Top franchise consultants have reputations for ethical business practices and professionalism. By following the IFPG Code of Ethics and always keeping your candidate’s best interest as a top priority, you will earn a good reputation in the industry and receive referrals. Your franchise broker salary will reflect the hard work and dedication you put in.

Although the franchise broker average salary can vary, there are three primary ways you can earn money in this role.

Three Revenue Streams

  • Earn franchise broker fees by helping aspiring entrepreneurs through the process of a franchise investment
  • Earn commissions helping small business owners franchise their businesses
  • Earn fees by referring IFPG Vendors to candidates or franchisors who need their services

Earn Commissions Selling Franchises

The franchise consulting business model is built with the opportunity to earn significant income. Your earning potential is totally up to you! Just like with any business, your level of success is determined by your efforts. The more you put in, the more you get out! You can earn generous commissions by making successful matches between candidates and franchisors. The IFPG has exclusive agreements with more than 500 franchise brands! IFPG negotiates competitive franchise broker fees to ensure that franchise consultant salaries are generous. 

Earn Commissions Helping Small Businesses Become Franchises

Have you ever walked into a business and said, “there should be one of these in every town?” How about introducing the owner to someone who can help franchise their business? The IFPG has relationships with franchise development companies that will pay a referral fee should that small business decide to franchise.

The IFPG has strategic partnerships with many of the top franchise development companies in the industry. Some of these companies pay exclusive commissions to IFPG Consultants. You can diversify the services you offer and help small businesses in your area scale through franchising.

Franchise Consultant in front of small business

Earn commissions by helping local small business owners franchise their businesses

Franchise Consultants and Franchisors Networking

Earn referral fees from some of our IFPG Vendor Members


Earn Referral Fees from IFPG Vendors

You can also earn referral fees from IFPG Vendors. Many of the lenders in the IFPG Vendor Directory will pay you a referral fee if your candidate uses them to fund the purchase of their franchise. Most clients will need some type of funding help. And here’s an added bonus: The IFPG Lending Partners can help you close deals faster!

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