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The IFPG is a great organization; you grow a lot of great contacts and build important relationships. With IFPG’s inventory, there are many opportunities for introductions with franchisors who really understand what they’ve got to offer our clients.

Jim Gleason, IFPG Consultant Member

The IFPG is getting the best of the best in the industry to join. We’re building relationships...every day. I couldn't be more proud to be a part of an organization as I am right now.

Mark Pasma, IFPG Consultant Member

We looked at all of the other franchise brokerage firms and we chose IFPG because it suits us the best and offers the best services . So far, it's been a fantastic experience! We’ve made a million and one great connections and met a lot of great brokers. The (IFPG) team has been fully engaged with helping us get our brand out there, with a strategy on how to market to the Brokers. Quite honestly, IFPG just takes care of us with “white glove” service; that’s the best way I would describe it.

Rick Mayo, IFPG Franchisor Member

After three conferences with IFPG, we feel that our association with them is invaluable. IFPG hosts absolutely one of the best conferences that we look forward to during the year. It really gives us an opportunity to get to know many of the Consultants who are out there, to really network with them and learn who they are. And, of course,  IFPG Consultants  get to learn who we are. Franchisors  who don’t attend  are missing a huge opportunity to build important  relationships so that they can create more business.


Tom Engle, IFPG Franchisor Member

IFPG has put together a structure and a format that I have found to be the most valuable in twenty years of doing this. The nice thing is the Consultants really care about spending time with the franchisors…. The Consultants and the Franchisors work perfectly together, showing respect to each other and spending time with each other to really learn how to present brands to the right clients.

Michael Haith, IFPG Franchisor Member

The IFPG represents to us an amazing resource...their team has put together an amazing portfolio of franchises that are available nationwide and even internationally. So regardless of the kind of buyer that you're trying to attract or regardless of the kind of concept that you're trying to grant to them, that portfolio consists of just about something of everything. The IFPG is an invaluable resource for both brokers and buyers of franchises and I would wholeheartedly recommend that anyone in franchising absolutely utilize the IFPG.

Kim Perotta, IFPG Contributing Member

Working with Red and Don and their capable associates have provided me unparalleled opportunities for greater success in this ever-growing industry. IFPG is my most valued business partner and delivers beyond all expectations.

Bill King, IFPG Contributing Member

I've been with IFPG since 2014, and every single brand I've ever represented has been in the IFPG portfolio....it’s really the IFPG team, home office, and the consultants in the field that make IFPG stand head and shoulders above everybody else.

Michael Peterson, IFPG Vendor Member

We became new members of IFPG this year. IFPG has been a fantastic resource for us, helping us understand what it is to be a Franchisor and how to grow your business.

Chris Reinicke, IFPG Franchisor Member

We've been with IFPG for about five years but we're going to be here for another 50! We just love the company. We love working with the brokers, we love the culture...IFPG just "gets it".

Mark Elson, IFPG Contributing Member

We've been part of IFPG for the past year and our experience has been fantastic. The people, the professionalism… It’s a terrific organization.

David Letourneau, IFPG Franchisor Member

Thank you again for the invite to speak at the IFPG Retreat. I sincerely had a wonderful time. Don is a class act and your organization reflects that as well.

David Barr, Past Chair, IFA and Partner, Franworth

I just wanted to commend you on putting together a great Retreat. Balancing the expectations of your Consultants, the franchisors in your portfolio, and the suppliers who support your enterprise is no easy task … but you and your team did it beautifully. Athletic Republic had a terrific experience and I’m thrilled we made the decision to join the IFPG team and attend the Retreat!

Charlie Graves, IFPG Franchisor Member

The IFPG Retreat was the best event ever. We had a great time with all the IFPG Consultants. Thank you for such a fantastic retreat.

Marcos Moura, IFPG Franchisor Member

Thank you IFPG for a great event! We were not sure what to expect as first-time participants, , but we are already looking forward to next year's IFPG Retreat. Speed dating, round tables, dinner cruise...everything had a purpose and was executed flawlessly.

Aaron Slattery, IFPG Vendor Member

I was so impressed with the IFPG Retreat. It worked out great for our company. We received some substantial leads from the "speed dating" and other mixers. Congratulations to you and your staff. We will definitely be attending all future events.

John Goodish, IFPG Consultant Member

I don't know where to start! Since joining the IFPG family five months ago, I have been welcomed with open arms all the way around. Don and his team are just fantastic to work with. It doesn't matter what I need, someone is there to help me out. The weekly impact sessions with industry leaders and Franchisors have proven to be a perfect ongoing training regimen for me. I also get so much out of my mentoring calls with my new fellow Consultants. Before joining IFPG, I looked at six other models in my search for a home as a Franchise Consultant, Needless to say I am extremely happy with my choice.

Brent Foster, IFPG Consultant Member

The annual IFPG Retreat is great! Don and his staff did an outstanding job. I reconnected with a number of old friends I hadn't seen in years!

Dick Bass, IFPG Consultant Member

Thank you for a great couple days at the IFPG Retreat. It was perfect!!! The perfection came in a variety of areas: the keynote speaker, speed dating, dinner cruise. I just loved seeing old friends and associates from my past and spending time catching up on our lives. I also enjoyed meeting new consultants and franchisors. I walked away with great pride knowing I am part of an amazing organization.

Karol Mercurio, IFPG Consultant Member

What I really like about IFPG is the inventory; they've got a really distinguished inventory and a great group of franchises to work with. They are continuously innovating and I always know that I've got support. If there's anything I need, I know there are people I can call on who will help me get the answers, training or the new tools that I need.

Adrienne Leigh, IFPG Consultant Member

We've been engaged with IFPG for less than three months now, and we've already closed a two-territory deal. It's been a great experience, we are loving the brokers and looking forward to more great experiences.

Jeremy Barnhart, IFPG Franchisor Member

I have been a happy Vendor Member of the IFPG for years. From the website, the networking, and the people I've met, it's been an invaluable resource for me in terms of making connections and becoming more integrated in the franchise community. So if you're thinking about being a member or joining IFPG, I couldn't recommend it enough.

Tom Spadea, IFPG Vendor Member

We highly recommend IFPG. Their network has been a great resource for building relationships with new clients and giving us important industry news and information needed to continue our company’s growth.

Don Johnson, IFPG Vendor Member

We are very excited and enthusiastic to continue to develop our relationship with IFPG. They’ve been wonderful so far. We look forward to a lot of quality leads and know that they’ll be handled with professionalism.

Randy Clegg, IFPG Franchisor Member

We've been members of the IFPG for a little over two years. We really enjoy working with the brokers at the IFPG; helping them get their candidates funded quickly, safely and economically. Looking forward to the future growth of the company and working with all the future brokers.

Dallas Kerley, IFPG Vendor Member

After 25+ years as a franchise consultant, joining IFPG was the absolute best decision I could have made for myself and my business. The support is unrivaled--educational opportunities are offered almost every day, in addition to regional and national events throughout the year. The website for members is extremely robust--an absolute wealth of knowledge, all in one easily accessible place. The inventory of franchise and business opportunities is also best in class--a huge variety in both industries and investment ranges, so there's something for everyone. And it's constantly evolving. The HQ staff is phenomenal--sharp, responsive, and just overall fun people! Last, but not least, the colleagues I've met through IFPG are the best--always willing to share knowledge. I'm proud to be a member of this awesome organization!

Stacy Swift, IFPG Consultant Member

IFPG has given me the opportunity to do well by doing good for others. Joining this amazing network has been the best business decision of my life. They have high integrity, a phenomenal inventory of 600+ franchise partners, the best funding sources and continued education – most every week of the year. I looked at most options before joining – and the choice was crystal clear. Just ask Entrepreneur who ranked IFPG #1 for the last 5 years in a row!

George Duffield, IFPG Consultant Member

In every industry, there are players and there are the leaders. IFPG is the leader in the franchise industry seamlessly coordinating a complex ecosystem of franchise consultants, franchisors and vendors to provide immense value through partnerships, education and world class events! 

Faizun Kamal, IFPG Consultant Member

FranFund had the privilege of participating in the first IFPG conference a few years ago, and from that time forward, we knew there was something special in the atmosphere. Don Daszkowski’s visionary approach for this concept was immediately apparent, and quickly garnered enthusiastic support from consultants, franchisors, and suppliers alike. At its essence, franchising revolves around the concept of family, and the IFPG framework beautifully reinforces this value at every juncture. The emphasis on unity, collaboration and networking opportunities is palpable, creating an environment where everyone feels like they are part of one big family. We hold our partnership with the consultants at IFPG in high regard, and we strive to provide the best funding solutions for every referral. Together, we’ve achieved remarkable results and growth. We are excited for the path forward, and the next visit with the “fam.”

Sherri Seiber, IFPG Vendor Member

When I first started looking into organizations to grow my consulting company, I wanted one that really understood what it meant to be part of a team, because that is what franchising is all about, collective minds coming together to help lift each other towards a common goal and share best practices. IFPG has the support and systems in place to help you grow your business, whether as a franchisor or a franchise consultant. They hold their ethics to the highest of standards, attract a great group of franchises for us to work with, and the team at the head office are some of the hardest working individuals that you will meet. I feel confident that we have partnered with the right group to help us take our business to the next level.

Nicole Kauffman, IFPG Consultant Member

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