Franchise Consultant Leads

franchise consultant leads

Included in our training package is a $2,500 credit with Career Transition Leads, an IFPG-owned company that saves you from searching for a third-party franchise leads and franchise broker leads.

After many years of finding quality franchise broker leads, we know what franchisors are looking for in candidates.

Career Transition Leads

With Career Transition Leads, you will be connected with individuals who want to exit corporate America and enter a franchise business opportunity. Through in-depth conversations with our career transition specialists, these individuals have expressed great interest in working with a knowledgeable Franchise Consultant—one who can guide them to the right investment opportunity.

Franchise Consultant Leads

Working with quality franchise leads is the key to success as a Franchise Consultant. Professional Franchise Consultants value their time and want to work with candidates who are serious about taking the next step into franchise ownership. CTL offers a one-stop destination for quality franchise leads.

Franchise Broker Leads

Franchise broker leads have proven to be an effective way to grow franchise brands. Many franchisors rely on franchise broker leads as their main source for qualified, quality candidates. Franchisors know that when they receive a lead from a franchise broker, the candidate is already vetted and knowledgeable about their brand. For franchisors, effective franchise lead generation is more about quality than quantity. 

Call Verified Franchise Leads

Career Transition Leads’ call verifiers are the best in the industry! They take the time to get to know the potential candidate and help determine if they are right for franchise ownership. They start by building a rapport with each franchise lead, making sure they are comfortable speaking with YOU, the consultant. Next, they ensure that the prospective franchise lead is truly interested in exploring franchise options, and that the candidate sees the VALUE in speaking with a franchise consultant. Once the CTL team determines that a candidate is serious about franchise ownership, they are considered a Franchise Consultant lead.

Real Time / Exclusive Franchise Leads

Our leads are not from franchise portals or random people who happened to click on our website. Our franchise leads are hopeful entrepreneurs who are extremely responsive, very interested, and have the capital to make an investment. We won’t deliver a franchise lead until our call verifiers confirm the candidate is interested and qualified for a franchise investment.

career transition specialists

IFPG Founder Don Daszkowski created Career Transition Leads with the sole purpose of supplying IFPG Consultants with qualified franchise broker leads. Our career transition specialists are here to help! 


career transition leads

IFPG Owned and Operated Franchise Lead Generation

There is no need to rely on third-party franchise lead providers. Career Transition Leads was founded with the sole purpose of supplying IFPG Consultants with qualified franchise broker leads.

IFPG Consultants have the confidence in knowing that their Franchise Consultant Lead Program is 100 percent supported by IFPG. This allows you to focus on your business and not be dependent on third-party vendors to buy franchise leads.

How to Generate Leads for Your Consulting Business

We have both inbound and outbound programs in place to distinguish the candidates our franchisors are anxious to recruit. We identify consulting leads who are looking to leave the corporate world and investigate franchise ownership.

Each consulting lead has a 5–15-minute conversation with our call verifiers before they are connected to you. We offer three-tier lead pricing. Contact us to learn more about our Franchise Consultant leads and franchise lead generation.

Learn to Become One of Our Career Transition Specialists

Helping people who are in career transition is an important role that we take seriously. As part of your Franchise Consultant training, you will learn how to become one of our effective career transition specialists and be skilled at guiding candidates toward a successful next step.


franchise broker leads

We have a full-time career transition call center dedicated to bringing qualified candidates to IFPG Consultants.

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