Franchise Consultant Training

Franchise Consultant Training

Are you ready to start a lucrative career as a franchise consultant? The IFPG has a family of established, experienced, and highly professional members of the franchise industry ready to give you all of the tools, support and training necessary to be highly successful in our field.

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IFPG Franchisor Membership

Franchisor Memberships

Are you an established Franchisor looking to grow your business and award more franchises? Are you considering working with seasoned and experienced Franchise Brokers? IFPG Brokers and Consultants are the most experienced in the industry and we have the tools in place to expose you and your brand to more potential franchisees.

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IFPG Emerging Franchise Membership

Emerging Franchise Membership

An emerging franchise is typically a newer concept with five or less years of experience and has few or no existing franchisees. We at the IFPG have identified that newer franchise companies can be more successful growing their franchise system with expert guidance from other industry professionals that have already successfully built franchise systems.

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IFPG Vendor Membership

Vendor Memberships

Does your business growth depend upon working with Franchise Professionals? If so, we have hundreds of IFPG Members who may want to hear from you. Take advantage of the tools we have in place to help Franchise Professionals network and be a part of one of our 18 local chapters that include Franchisors, Franchise Consultants and other Franchise Professionals.

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IFPG Programs and Companies

Franchise Consultant Training

Certified Franchise Consultant (CFC) Certification

The IFPG is pleased to offer the Certified Franchise Consultant (CFC) program as an opportunity for our members to enhance their skills, and assist them in continued professional development. Setting yourself apart by meeting the requirements of the program will lead to the CFC designation.

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Franchise Sales CRM

Franchise Sales CRM

Meet the simplest, most effective franchise sales CRM. A CRM built specifically for franchise sales. Increase your contact ratio with our email automation and automated calendar scheduler. Track your leads from initial discussions to closed deal. Email automation, automatic calendar scheduler, customized sales process, and analytics built specifically for franchise sales.

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Career Transition Leads

Career Transition Leads

Career in transition leads are individuals looking to exit corporate America to enter a franchise business opportunity. Through in-depth conversations with our appointment setters, these individuals have expressed great interest in working with a knowledgeable franchise consultant— one who can guide them to the right investment opportunity.

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IFPG Digital

IFPG Digital

We know your business. Let us handle all of your digital marketing needs. We offer full Website Development, SEO, Content Marketing, Pay Per Click, Social Media Management and more.

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About Us

The International Franchise Professionals Group (also known as IFPG) is a membership based organization that has over 800 members. Our members consist of Franchisors, Franchise Consultants, Lenders, and other Franchise Professionals that help potential candidates in the process of buying a franchise. Hundreds of nationally recognized franchise companies have chosen the IFPG and its members to represent their brand; hundreds of experienced franchise consultants and brokers have chosen the IFPG to power their business.

The IFPG is a strictly membership based organization that does not participate in any referral fees from our franchisor members or our brokers, thereby allowing all of our members to work freely together. Our long-term success is predicated on retaining our members and providing all the tools needed to help you sell more franchises, and close more deals.

The IFPG also offers a Certified Franchise Consultant Training program for individuals interested in becoming Franchise Consultants.

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Learn why hundreds of others have joined the IFPG. We are confident that we can help you connect with other franchise professionals, grow your business, and achieve your goals. Contact us today to schedule a tour!

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The IFPG Team

  • Don Daszkowski
    Founding Member

    Don has been in the franchise industry for over 12 years. He founded Business Mart,...

  • Red Boswell

    Red brings over 25 years of executive leadership in many areas of franchising, marketing and...

  • Mary Ann Peres
    Founding Member

    Mary Ann has spent over a decade focused on the franchise brokerage industry. She has...

  • Christine Piecyk
    Operations Manager

    Christine has over 15 years experience and demonstrated success in varied business analysis and customer...

  • Gary Looft
    Digital Marketing Manager

    Gary has years of experience in areas of marketing, design, video and technology. He has...

  • Kelly Falkena-Tominus
    Marketing & Events Manager

    Kelly has 10+ years of demonstrated success in varied business roles including real estate, management,...

  • Amy Comerford
    Member Relations Coordinator

    Amy comes to IFPG with a background in management and sales. She has been an...

  • Dan Claps
    Co-Founder of Career Transition Leads

    Daniel is the Co-Founder of Career Transition Leads, an IFPG Company that connects potential franchisees...

  • Mike Handy
    Franchise Consultant Trainer

    Mike is a serial entrepreneur, consultant and corporate trainer. He started in 1991 and...

  • Gene Sower
    Head of IFPG Digital

    Gene is an expert in internet marketing and web development, he has become an expert...

Member Testimonials

"We’ve been engaged with IFPG for less than three months now, we’ve already closed a two territory deal. It’s been a great experience, we are loving the brokers and looking forward to more great experiences." - Jeremy Barnhart 
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"The IFPG is really going to be the future of how brokers and franchisors come together...the IFPG has a fantastic host of services, the website is constantly being updated, constantly getting new information...they really took the time to get to know me, to get to know our team, our company...they’ve worked very closely with us and have been very responsive to the things we need. They are, at their heart, truly interested in helping their clients find the right kind of match." - Mark Elson
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"After doing franchising for 20 years IFPG has put together a structure and a format that I have found to be the most valuable in 20 years of doing this." - Michael Haith
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"I have been a member of the IFPG and from the website, and the networking, and the people I’ve met there, it’s been an invaluable resource for me in terms of making connections and becoming more integrated in the franchise community. So if your thinking about being a member or joining IFPG I couldn’t recommend it enough." - Tom Spadea

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