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As a Franchise Consultant, you are never alone. Our most experienced and highly-regarded top franchise brokers are happy to guide you to success. Included in the Franchise Consultant Training Program is a 90-day mentorship opportunity where you will learn from the best in a dynamic, inclusive environment.

Your mentor will share real-world experiences and will play a crucial role in the first few months of your business. Having a mentor group will allow you to collaborate with other new consultants as well as receive expert guidance from an experienced, knowledgeable mentor.

Top Producer Training Program

As part of the IFPG Top Producer Training Program, you’ll be placed into a small group of no more than 10 people. Your mentorship sessions are twice per month but if you have questions between sessions, email and phone support is always available from the IFPG Team. Thanks in part to our mentorship program, franchise organizations continually recognize IFPG for having the top franchise brokers in the industry.

What You Will Learn at Top Producer Training

The IFPG Top Producer Program will teach you best practices for:

  • Handling an initial call with franchise candidates
  • Understanding if franchise candidates are right for franchise ownership
  • Guiding a candidate through the process with a systematic approach
  • Client engagement
  • Finding an ideal opportunity for franchise candidates 
  • Working with franchisors 
  • Lead generation
  • Qualifying leads 
  • Due diligence for a smooth transaction

In addition, you’ll also have a chance to bring real-life, real-time situations from your business to the group for discussion and strategy for lead generation. This type of brainstorming and problem solving can take your franchise consulting business to the next level and get you on your way to long-term success as a top producer. 

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