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Franchise Sales CRM

The IFPG has created a CRM designed specifically for Franchise Sales. With a focus on the Franchise sales process, our user-friendly CRM is the preferred choice for Franchise Brokers. This essential tool for your Franchise Consultant business, is INCLUDED free for 90 days in our IFPG Franchise Consultant Training Package. Since the Franchise Sales CRM is an IFPG owned company, you will not have to go to a third party for support.

Most consultant CRM's out there today are geared toward other businesses where most of the customer relationship takes place after the sale. Our CRM changes all of that. We have spent endless hours identifying exactly what Franchise Consultants need to efficiently and effectively increase their contact ratio, then track their leads from the initial discussions to the closed deal.

What is a CRM?

What is a CRM? The CRM definition is a management tool that denotes strategies and software that allows companies to organize and optimize customer relations. Since CRM is abbreviated, you may be wondering what does CRM stand for? CRM stands for customer relationship management. There are several highlights to CRM tools.

Consultant CRM Highlights Include:

Email Automation

All leads will receive fully customizable automatic email follow ups through the consultant CRM. With our CRM tools, you can increase your contact ratio using our email automation (AKA drip campaign).

Automatic Calendar Scheduler on CRM for Franchises

The calendar schedule on CRM for franchises ensures prompt follow up calls making sure all leads get the attention they deserve.

The IFPG Eight-Step Sales Process Using Our CRM for Franchises 

Keep your clients on track with our eight-step sales process using our consultant CRM. This will help you as you guide your client to the closed deal!


Analytics Built for Franchise Sales

We know your business! Our analytics will help you compare lead providers and marketing efforts, giving you the highest return on your investment.

Best CRM Reports Include:

  • Sales Process: Easily Identify the percentage of your leads in each part of the sales process
  • Lead Comparison: See where your deals are coming from
  • Leads ROI: Find out where you are getting your biggest return on investment
  • Contact Ratio: Easily track how many leads you are making contact with across your lead sources

CRM Calendar Integration

Sync your consultant CRM calendar with Apple, Google and Outlook calendars.

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