Franchise Consultant Job Description

Franchise Consultant Job Description

Franchise Consultant jobs and Franchise Broker jobs can be both lucrative and rewarding because they offer unlimited potential in a booming industry. They also offer a chance to truly make a difference. As part of the consultant job description, your goal is to guide candidates with virtue and integrity. You will educate your candidate and help him determine if franchise ownership is the right path. If it is, you will work with your candidate to find franchise opportunities that would best suit his interests, skills, lifestyle and budget.

Franchise Consultant Skills

The most important skills needed for successful Franchise Consultant careers are intangible. For Franchise Consultant jobs, it’s essential to be a good listener. Part of the franchise consultant job description requires you must listen to your candidate carefully to fully understand his goals and desires for his next step. The consultant job description also requires the initiative to do the research, networking and relationship building necessary to fulfill all of the franchise business consultant duties. For example, to gain the knowledge to best serve candidates, Franchise Consultants should take the initiative to meet with franchisors (by phone, Zoom, or in person) and take advantage of the learning opportunities offered by their franchise broker organization. A typical Franchise Consultant profile is a people-person who is friendly and outgoing, is a strong communicator and is organized. You could compare a franchise consultant’s job description to a matchmaker’s. But instead of finding a match for potential life partners or a husband and wife, you will find the perfect match between business partners, or the franchisor and the franchisee.

What Does a Consultant Do? 

What does a consultant do? Part of the Franchise Consultant description is to manage a candidate’s expectations and provide objective information. Your role as a consultant doesn’t stop once the franchise is selected. At that point, you work as a guide to answer any questions that the candidate may have during the franchise discovery and research processes and give advice when appropriate. You can also help the process along by introducing candidates to lawyers and lenders using IFPG’s Vendor Directory.

Working with Franchisors

Franchisors love working with Franchise Brokers who stay involved throughout the process. So, it is important to be engaged from introduction to close. Additionally, it is extremely rewarding to see a candidate’s dream of business ownership come to fruition.

Every franchisor wants the best possible people as franchisees. After all, they represent the brand. That’s why the Franchise Consultant’s role is so important. Successful Franchise Consultants build strong relationships with franchisors and understand the type of candidates they seek. Bringing a suitable, high-quality candidate to a franchisor saves him time and aggravation and helps his business grow. 

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Building relationships with franchisors is integral to your business.

Franchise Consultant Jobs Open Many Doors

Being part of a franchise consulting group like IFPG is the best way to do your job as a Franchise Consultant. With a goal of helping others, Certified Franchise Consultants have rewarding careers that are lucrative and interesting. IFPG is a franchise broker organization that gives franchise brokers the tools, training and opportunities to have a successful Franchise Consultant career.

IFPG’s family-like culture is inclusive and supportive. As key players in a rapidly growing industry, Franchise Consultants receive instant industry recognition and an opportunity to network with top franchise professionals...from the most highly respected CEOs of legacy brands to entrepreneurs from innovative emerging concepts.

Franchise Consultant Jobs Offer Endless Possibilities 

Franchise Consultants are considered the industry’s best-kept secret. Where else can you find a career where you can work from home, set your own hours and have unlimited earning potential? Franchise Consultant careers are truly a one-of-a-kind opportunity for people who like to help others and build their own business. Best of all, you get to help people find financial freedom and realize their dreams of business ownership.

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Your ticket to the Annual IFPG Retreat is included in your training.

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