Consultant News

A Footprints Floors Franchise is Awarded in Pasadena, California!

An IFPG Consultant's Candidate, previously upper-level manager at Walmart, was looking for a home-service brand to build an empire with. He found his fit and was awarded a Footprints Floor franchise in Pasadena, CA.

After attending Discovery Day, he knew he wanted to move forward because he felt like he could trust the corporate team. Once he saw the operation in person, he knew the brand was solid and would be able to support him in his future endeavors.

When asked why IFPG Consultants should show Footprints Floors, Lana Mazin of Raintree said, "I know that usually clients come to me fearful of marketing and finding customers for their new business. What I like about Footprints Floors is that majority of the marketing and lead generation is done by the corporate team for the Franchise Owners. This means that anyone who can sell and manage the projects can be successful!"

Congratulations on a job well done!