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A Mighty Dog Roofing Franchise is Awarded in Macon, Georgia


The IFPG Consultant candidate's desire to acquire a franchise was for personal growth and the freedom/ability to build generational wealth and give back to his community. When choosing Mighty Dog Roofing, the candidate said, "It was a feeling and a gut thing, as well as listening to the owner's calls. Their philosophy for the entire organization was refreshing."

Discovery day was informative, and the candidate thought it was helpful to see behind the curtain. The candidate was keen on diversifying into something he thought would be a very stable industry.

As a semi-absentee owner, he asked all the right questions throughout the process to ensure he had the support and tools to succeed. Corporate support and technology were the biggest factors for him. He wanted to make sure he could differentiate himself from his competitors while running a repeatable process. After attending discovery day, it was a no-brainer to him that Mighty Dog was the perfect fit for him! Mindset and willingness to push through any obstacles that may come about.

Mighty Dog Roofing specializes in roof replacement and roofing repairs; they also offer siding, gutter, and window replacement in residential and commercial fields. By leveraging technology, top-notch operational systems, experience, marketing, and vendor relationships with the best in the roofing industry, their model is built to scale.