Consultant News

A Naturals2Go Franchise Is Coming to Johnstown, Ohio!

The IFPG Consultants candidate works as an exec at Upstart. His kids are homeschooled and this will be what he uses to teach them about business since it’s easy to use to teach. In his 20s, owned a car detailing business. He was fresh out of the marine corps and needed a job so he started detailing cars for a friend's business and was good at it, so he started his own. He actually slept in the back of a car he was detailing one time due to it being a wreck and him being called in to do the detail work late in the evening with a due date of the next morning.

He loved the process and enjoyed how connected he felt with everyone during the process. His attention to detail, accountability, and integrity make him a great fit. He will start with 5 machines in Johnstown, OH with a plan to grow to at least 10 machines.

Congratulations on a great placement!