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A Soccer Loving Family is Awarded Soccer Stars Franchise in Elk Grove, CA

Soccer Stars Franchise

Soccer Stars is thrilled to welcome new owners in Sacramento, CA. These IFPG Consultant Candidates have a deep passion for soccer, starting from a very young age. Upon being introduced to Soccer Stars, they quickly felt that their passion for the sport, with their business and entrepreneurial skills, could be the ideal recipe for success as a franchise partner. They were drawn to the community element of the business, and their daughter was thrilled at the idea of being the first instructor for her parents' new entrepreneurial adventure.

He has had many jobs after deciding to leave college, where he majored in nuclear physics and geology. He couldn't find anything he cared for enough to dedicate his life to. From there, he worked as a maintenance worker, bus driver, long-haul truck driver, and more. Finally, he landed a job as a CNC machinist and, after 2.5 years, decided to start his own company using his acquired skills.

Within three years, his company was going strong with an impressive growth rate of 300-500% yearly. With his current business doing so well, he felt the itch to start an additional business – particularly one where he could involve his wife and daughter. He played soccer for the local amateur team in his native country of Fiji and actively coached his daughter for many years, so the thought of doing something soccer related was idyllic for him.

After the candidates learn more about the Soccer Stars, their history, curriculum, and strategies for success, they quickly expressed interest in attending Confirmation Day. The following week, the couple was attending training in Manhattan! There they learned about the systems for support, the technology, and the leadership team's future goals and aspirations, and they were all in on making their dream of owning a soccer-related business come true.

Soccer Stars is uniquely positioned in the incredibly important youth enrichment space with their 20+ years of experience, thematic class curriculum, and crib-to-college (ages 1-14+) programs.