Consultant News

A Surface Experts Franchise Is Awarded in Grand Rapids, Michigan!

Brought to Surface Experts by an IFPG Consultant, this excellent candidate has a VP of Operations background, making him a great fit! He secured a location in Grand Rapids, MI.

Surface Experts is a unique franchise offering with great validation, low startup costs, and low overhead!

Surface Experts is an all-inclusive damage repair service provider. We encompass damage repair services for surfaces like Floor, Wood, Counter-top, Stainless Steel, Gas Cook-top, Tub … Almost Everything!. They pride themselves on their ability to provide incredibly fast service throughout our service areas while maintaining a friendly-family-like atmosphere in their call center and on job sites. They consider the company to be a blend of old school ideals, and new-age technology, resulting in a mix that offers the latest and best tech with a friendly neighborly smile.

Most companies do a complete surface replacement, costing thousands of dollars. They deliver perfect repairs in typically under an hour for less than $100.

Congratulations on a job well done!