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A UNITS Franchise Is Awarded in South Carolina!

What an amazing and fun journey! This IFPG Consultant's candidate converted an existing corporate location to a UNITS franchise location. Damon Crandall ended up meeting him and his wife at the facility in Greenville, SC, and actually rode with them for 3 hours down to Charleston for their Discovery Day. "Quick and accurate communication and decision-making made this transaction very enjoyable," said Damon

“Always a pleasure to work with Damon and Units, which is an outstanding franchisor.  Damon works at a very high level ensuring that my clients are well taken care of.  He’s very comfortable working with high-level professionals and always gets them the information they need to make a well-informed decision.  Highly recommend Units for you to keep in mind.” -IFPG Consultant

"Being someone who was new to the franchise world, I do not think I would have discovered UNITS as the perfect fit for me as I transition from the corporate world to franchise ownership.  From the beginning, the IFPG consultant helped me understand what I was embarking on. He made me confident that my skill set would help me succeed in the franchise world and he helped me identify franchise opportunities that would align with what I wanted to do.  Once I decided what I wanted to do, the IFPG consultant was a great resource to lean on while I moved through the process.   

 I looked at over a dozen franchise models and UNITS quickly surfaced as one of the most appealing options for what I wanted to do. My introduction to Damon quickly confirmed my thoughts.  Damon was an outstanding ambassador of UNITS but it was also clear that he wanted to make sure that UNITS was a fit for me and that I was a fit for UNITS.  As I progressed through the process it was clear that Damon accurately represented UNITS and their desire to make the franchisee succeed so that the UNITS brand can continue to grow and make everyone on the UNITS team successful.  I look forward to being a part of the team and have the IFPG consultant and Damon to thank for helping me arrive at my decision."- New Franchisee

Congratulations on a great placement!