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All IFPG Members Come Together To Award a Scenthound Franchise in Colorado!

Scenthound Franchise

The 3 Scenter deal for an IFPG Consultant's candidate in Boulder, CO, came together as a true team effort. The candidate was eager to transition from the corporate world and was very thorough in following all discovery steps and counsel from his IFPG consultant. Additionally, Lara Forchuck at IFPG Vendor Member Guidant Financial was a fabulous partner to ensure all funding came through at the perfect time for him to sign and become a Scenthound Franchise Partner at the Meet The Pack event (Discovery Day). “It was a dream team deal, and we'd love to do more with IFPG consultants!” - Teresa Wade, Scenthound

"I enjoyed the process of learning from the Scenthound franchise team, but also from the actual Franchise Partners through validation. Everyone was supportive and contributed to my progress and learning to give me confidence that Scenthound was the right fit for me." said the new Franchisee.

The IFPG Consultant recognized the simple business model that his candidate could scale while making a difference in the lives of many dogs and their dog parents.

Congratulations on a job well done!