All IFPG Members Were Involved in this Recently Closed Deal for Kitchen Tune Up, Funded by FranFund!

An IFPG Certified Franchise Consultant  introduced his client to Tera Thomas, Funding Consultant with FranFund. The IFPG Consultant worked with his client for quite a few months until he found the perfect fit in Kitchen Tune-Up. Once the client was ready, thanks to FranFund, he was able to have access to his funds in 14 days! 

Your clients are embarking on one of the biggest journeys of their life: entrepreneurship. As they prepare to leap out of their comfort zone and take control of their future, they're relying on you to match them with the perfect business. It is your duty as their mentor in all things franchising to not only familiarize yourself with all of the franchise brands you represent but also understand which financing company will provide the best insight and funding options for your clients.

To help with this, FranFund's process puts education first to mitigate your clients' fears at every step of the way. We empower your clients by detailing what the best funding options are for their situation, allowing them to move forward confidently in their ability to fund the business of their dreams. By offering multiple funding solutions under one roof, we're able to advise your clients on strategy and give them the options that fit their unique needs, not just whatever solution is easiest for the provider.

Congratulations to ALL on a job well done!

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