Consultant News

An Alloy Personal Training Franchise is Awarded in Orlando, Florida!

This IFPG Consultant's candidate has a background in franchise ownership. She owns three dance franchised concepts. She has experience in the market segment that Alloy targets (45-65 yr olds) and also has franchise experience in a service-based business. This made her a great fit for Alloy and she was awarded a franchise in Orlando, FL.

"Alloy is providing a unique offering to an underserved segment of the fitness market. They have been in the business for over 30 years, which gives them an advantage in identifying the right processes and mechanisms to give me the best opportunity for success. Also, we were a great cultural fit and that's very important to me."- Franchisee

"We have a relatively low investment and a quick, solid return. Candidates will be thankful for the introduction to Alloy because we'll treat your candidates well throughout the process. Also, we can close deals, so you can get paid :). Ultimately, Alloy gives your clients an excellent chance to succeed so that you can leave a legacy of success and get more referrals." said Rick Mayo when asked why IFPG Consultants should show the brand.

Congratulations to all on a job well done!