Consultant News

An IFPG Consultant Brings Ellie Mental Health Franchise to Gilbert, Arizona


The IFPG Consultant candidate came to the Ellie process fully understanding the value of access to mental health resources. He had seen firsthand the power and impact that having access to good services could have in someone's life. He also saw a tremendous gap in access and some stigmatization surrounding mental health services in his AZ market.

Along with his wife, the candidate researched the opportunity to serve his community through a viable business and landed on Ellie. In addition to being a sincere and passionate guy who wants to help improve his community, he and his family have a tremendous sense of humor. They cracked the Ellie door open with some laughs and will be able to use that engaging humor to their benefit as they recruit clinicians and staff to bring EMH to the greater Phoenix, AZ area.

Ellie is a socially responsible outpatient mental health brand that provides an unparalleled client experience with high-quality, creative, and innovative care. They are creating an employment experience where their employees are truly valued and treated with genuine care. Ellie is changing how we treat mental health. Owning an Ellie allows you to provide exceptional, accessible care to your communities. Ellie is looking for candidates with a passionate/personal connection to mental health and a solid connection to their community.

Ellie Mental Health was created seven years ago when two passionate and frustrated social workers joined forces and built a company that would be creative in finding solutions to help people with their mental health. That combination of passion and frustration was the energy source and single greatest motivator in creating a company, a brand, and a culture that aims to fill gaps in the wellness industry.