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An IFPG Consultant Finds the Perfect Match For Hammer & Nails Franchise!


An IFPG Consultant made a great introduction when he took his candidate to Hammer and Nails Grooming. This candidate has a strong business background with JP Morgan Chase and a strong understanding of his territory. He latched on to the brand concept and showed a deep desire for men to experience the brand's service. He moved swiftly and definitively through the discovery and self-validated at each step along the way.

The candidate is passionate about delivering an elegant grooming experience to men in his community. His background and education are strong indicators that management and team building will not be of concern in his shop.

Hammer & Nails is a men's grooming lounge offering everything from haircuts to pedicures in a way men can appreciate. They built an unrivaled experience that’s disrupting the men's grooming industry and revolutionizing the way guys get their groom on.

Membership-driven but not membership-exclusive, the durable recurring revenue provides a dependable and predictable model for semi-absentee growth.