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An IFPG Consultant Helps Bring Kidokinetics Franchise to New Jersey


The experiences the IFPG Consultant Candidate had with his daughters led him to Kidokinetics, and he was passionate about the company from the beginning. He knows the importance of programs like Kidokinetics and how they impact children's lives. He also likes how the company aligned with his values and the industry demand.

The candidate will continue working in his corporate role in finance with CitiBank as well as operate with the management option with the intent to transition to semi-absentee eventually.

Kidokinetics is a mobile-based business that provides multi-sport programming for children in our communities. It is a hassle-free and convenient physical activity solution for parents and educators. The Kidokinetics model has minimal employees and a foundation of recurring revenue, bringing their programs to the children through youth organizations. Kidokinetics has an owner-operator, a semi-absentee, and a newly added passive business model. It is home-based, with low overhead, a proprietary business management system, and a sports-based curriculum.