Consultant News

An IFPG Consultant Helps His Candidate Lead The Pack

This franchisee bought 4 Scenthound locations late last year with the help of his IFPG Consultant.

He opened his first location last month with huge success and decided to add more units after some validation calls started coming in for the surrounding area.

He bought 6 additional locations and has the rights to 10 more as well putting him at 20 total and the largest franchisee!

As the nation's first wellness-focused membership-model grooming franchise, Scenthound is pioneering a new frontier of dog care within the booming $95M U.S. pet industry.

Scenthound has unprecedented market potential because it serves a historically underserved market: the 80% of dogs that don’t need haircuts. That said, our services are designed to improve the health and longevity of all dog breeds through a routine care schedule in five core areas of maintenance: Skin, Coat, Ears, Nails, and Teeth.

The low-cost but high-profit membership-based recurring revenue model is amplified with "as-needed" add-on services --- nail grinding, barber-style haircuts, facial scrubs, etc. --- and products to maintain health between visits.

Congratulations to the IFPG Consultant and the whole Scenthound team!!