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An IFPG Consultant, IFPG Vendor Member, And A Moving And Portable Storage Franc

These new franchisees were introduced to UNITS by an IFPG Consultant on Jan. 7 and were awarded a franchise on March 9. They were funded by a rollover through IFPG Vendor member Benetrends and Live Oak Banks' special SBA program designed for the storage business and their model.

UNITS' thorough discovery process led them down a path to make a fully informed decision in 8 weeks. They spoke to many of their existing franchise owners and attended their February 24 virtual discovery day. They ended up choosing UNITS because they see the need and opportunity to provide superior storage and moving service in the marketplace. The scalability, fixed overhead, quick ramp-up, and low labor force were big drivers in choosing UNITS. For the last 33 years, the franchisee has held numerous roles in the pharmaceutical arena. Most recently as the VP of Business Development. They both have an extreme desire to succeed. That desire coupled with the sales, networking, relationship-building experience, and financial acumen makes them an ideal fit for UNITS.

"For several months, we had a weekly phone call with the IFPG Consultant. This time allowed him to ask us questions about many facets of the business. The conversations that arose from these questions allowed us to realize the type of franchises we were interested in pursuing. His insightfulness, business experience, and knowledge have been extremely beneficial.", the new franchisees said. "Our validating experience was very positive. The culture the McAlhany's have created was evident by the way each of the franchisees offered their support to us. We are very excited about this opportunity. The process of getting here was a positive one. Damon covered the material in a timely manner yet also allowed us some space to think."

Congratulations to ALL on a job well done!