Consultant News

An IFPG Consultant Places 2nd Candidate This Week, with Assisted Living Locators

The same IFPG Consultant who placed one of his candidates with ARCpoint Labs, places a second candidate with Assisted Living Locators in the same week!

"Assisted Living Locators validates very well." said the IFPG Consultant. "Tom Ingle is a real pro ."

This candidate who was awarded a franchise in Palm Harbor, FL spoke with his IFPG Consultant every week, the consultant also spoke several times a week with Tom as Assisted Living Locators.

Assisted Living Locators is an eldercare and referral placement company that assists families in locating assisted living facilities, senior housing options, and care services that meet their financial, geographic, aesthetic, and clinical needs and preferences. Their services are free to the seniors and their families as the franchisee is compensated by the receiving facilities.

Congratulations on a job well done!