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An IFPG Consultant “Solves” His Clients’ Problem Of Working For Someone Else!

This new franchisee became aware of Kitchen Solvers when an IFPG consultant, reached out to him with the opportunity to become a business owner. He got excited about the opportunity to become his own boss and base his successes and failures solely on his own decisions and choices rather than being subject to someone else’s standards.

“My experience at the Virtual Discovery Day as well as everyone being friendly and answering all questions even on the weekends led me to make this decision to own a Kitchen Solvers. I’m looking forward to training at the home office as well as getting to know the leadership better and getting to meet everyone in person.” – Owner of Kitchen Solvers of North Indianapolis

Founded in 1982 as a home-based business, Kitchen Solvers remains on the cutting edge of the cabinet refacing industry. Today, Kitchen Solvers is a multi-dimensional kitchen remodeling business, offering total kitchen remodeling solutions for homeowners across the country. As a one-stop, shop kitchen remodeling business, our franchisees never have to say NO because we offer the widest selection of products and services available.

Congratulations to ALL on a job well done!