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An IFPG Consultant's Candidate Becomes A Managing Partner at Valenta BPO!

An IFPG Consultant's Candidate brings over 22 years of expertise providing strategic, financial, and operational leadership–including an extensive background in Financial Analysis, International Business, and Competitive Intelligence for organizations like Amazon and PWC.

More recently, he served as Director of Operations at the leading global eCommerce company, having launched and led multiple warehousing and distribution centers across the United States. Prior to Amazon, he was an Operations Executive in oil and gas, scaling a global aftermarket services and product distribution business in various geo-markets all over the world. This new franchisee is instrumental in streamlining identified sector activities, introducing process improvements, and enhancing efficiency at all levels

He understands the importance of embracing organizational change and digital transformation to stay competitive in an uncertain and ever-changing economy. Through his partnership with Valenta BPO, he helps businesses of all sizes understand it, too—and embrace it. One of the most satisfying aspects of his job, he says, is seeing the immediate, positive impact of streamlining on a company’s bottom line. But it’s not just helping businesses transform, scale, and increase their profitability that he finds gratifying. He always comes away with new perspectives, skills, and insights that add to his robust knowledge and expertise.

"Valenta’s value proposition is compelling and unique in that it offers robust 24/7 operational capabilities, deep technical expertise, and solutions that appeal broadly across all sectors. Valenta’s service offerings appeal to any business and lead at the cutting edge of transformational and rapidly evolving technology such as RPA and AI. Valenta’s case for growth and ability to deliver real-world results on behalf of clients are really exciting."- new franchisee

Valenta BPO offers a unique opportunity for business professionals to engage a proven model, offering consulting, digital transformation, staffing augmentation, and training. These are some of the fastest-growing industries globally.

Congratulations to ALL on a job well done!