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An IFPG Consultant's Candidate Brings The Now Massage to Colorado Springs!

An IFPG Consultant's candidates vetted several different concepts with their IFPG Consultants' help but found themselves coming back time and time again to The NOW Massage. They share the necessary skills from both the front end and back end of the business. They both share a passion for health and wellness and love to work with people. He has been in the auto industry for 11 years; 4 years in sales and 7 years in finance with the last 3 years serving as the Finance Director. He has helped increase sales and gross profit year over year. She served as a State Farm Team member for 3 years and fast-tracked into Agency and has been an Agency Owner for 2 years. In her first years in business, she earned Honors Club, SVP, and Travel Level 1 awards. In her second year, she’s expected to acquire the same awards and is currently pacing Chairman’s Circle.

They believe that the NOW is a good fit for them because they believe in both the brand and the culture created. Customer experience is extremely important to them. They believe the relationships you build through your clients are critical to growing brand awareness. "We are so thankful to have found this opportunity and we are looking forward to the journey ahead!" said the new franchisees in Colorado Springs.

The NOW a massage boutique is a lifestyle brand that provides a space to escape the daily pressures of life. Founded on the idea of being in the moment, The NOW fills the void in the market for a high-quality, affordable massage in a serene oasis setting—without the need to commit to the whole spa experience. Each boutique offers a thoughtfully crafted menu that puts the individual front and center. From soothing add-ons to crystal healing, to herbal heat therapy, clients enjoy a customizable luxury experience that doesn’t break the bank. The NOW has differentiated itself from the key competition by connecting with the 147 million untapped Gen Z & Millennial generations through fresh, empowering messaging. With a proven concept and stunning key business metrics showing AUV of $2.4M, The NOW has extensive potential - scale-able, the potential for semi-absentee ownership, reasonable cost of entry, & the opportunity to secure great territory!

Congratulations to ALL on a job well done!