Consultant News

An IFPG Consultant's Candidate Gained a Mighty Dog Roofing Franchise in Kansas!

An IFPG Consultant's candidate, a go-getter with an empire mindset, was a great fit for Mighty Dog Roofing. He was awarded a franchise in East Kansas City, KS.

This franchisee and his father opened a real estate development company together shortly after his graduation from college. After working together building the real estate firm, he was looking for something to complement their business that he could work on in a full-time capacity.

He explored various franchise options. He was very excited by Mighty Dog's technology & marketing, saying it was clear that the Mighty Dog Roofing model was superior compared to everything else he had explored. He was very impressed with the leadership and the investment made in the support team.

The new franchisee said he "enjoyed hearing about founding partner Zach Beutler's story of young entrepreneurship, running a business at the same age. The personal experience of how Zach shared his mistakes and those valuable lessons learned, that they want to be there to support & help me".

With 65 territories awarded in 2021 alone, Mighty Dog Roofing continues to grow aggressively throughout the USA with a clear line of sight to over 100 units & 30 franchisees signed by the end of 2021. Mighty Dog has invested heavily at the corporate level to support this growth with new technology and over $1.8MM in corporate payroll.

Congratulations to the IFPG Consultant and the new Might Dog Franchisees!