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An IFPG Consultant's Candidate Gains a P3 Cost Analysts Franchise In Newton, PA

The IFPG Consultant thought P3 Cost Analysts would be a great fit for his candidate due to his medical billing and sales experience, he was right! He secured territory in Newton, PA!

This franchisee was immediately interested because, in his own words, "low overhead and very high net margins. More importantly, it gives its franchisees the ability to build a business with dependable, recurring monthly revenue with little to no employees."

P3 Cost Analysts franchisees do a good deal of selling, day-to-day. So, anyone who has B to B sales experience can do very well.

Because p3 does ALL of the operations and fulfillment for the franchisee's business, this leaves the franchisee to focus and selling and scaling their business.

"P3 Cost Analysts is a home-based, B2B franchise model. Our franchisees offer businesses the opportunity to save significantly on their bills (Utility, Waste, Telecom, Merchant Services, Managed Print, Linens and Uniforms, Property Tax, and Shipping). Our franchisees charge nothing upfront to find these savings and work on a contingency basis, sharing in the savings found for up to 5 years. The P3 franchisee “day–to–day” is almost exclusively sales, business development, and account management. P3 maintains an in-house team of auditors and collectors that perform all of the operational fulfillment for the franchisees, allowing our franchisees to focus their energy and efforts on scaling their business." - Kris Simonich

Congratulations on a job well done!