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An IFPG Consultant's Candidate Gets 2 Koala Insulation Franchises in PA!

This IFPG Consultant's candidate, a sales and marketing executive, secured an ADDITIONAL 2 Pennsylvania territories with Koala Insulation.

Being incredibly self-motivated, this franchisee saw exploring business ownership as a tool to reach his personal and financial goals and most importantly, take control of his future by working for himself. With his family in mind, it was extremely important for him to find an opportunity with a proven track record and strong support while also having significant room for growth. After being introduced to Koala Insulation, he combed through each detail in the discovery process and felt it was a perfect fit.

He quickly saw that Koala truly cares for its franchisees and offers several support tools as free services that other models never even consider. Robust commercial sales support, talent acquisitions, and a rave review from the free employee training are just a few examples of what sold him on Koala being the right fit!

He loved the simplicity, scalability, and moderate start-up cost of the Koala model. He was most impressed with the corporate team, support model, and marketing efforts compared to other franchise concepts. It was clear Koala is blazing a trail to become the household name in insulation!

A few short months after securing two territories with Koala and seeing firsthand the explosive momentum behind the brand, he has been awarded an additional two territories – being first to break ground in a new market!

Congratulations to all on a job well done!