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An IFPG Consultant’s Candidate is Awarded a BidExecs Franchise in Colorado!

An IFPG Consultant met his candidates through networking on Linkedin. He is another retired green beret who had government contracting experience and understood the process. He also owns another small business and was looking for another opportunity. Bid Execs was very appealing because they streamlined the bid proposal process. This candidate had 2 other partners in this deal. One has 15 years of consulting experience providing permitting and regulatory compliance services for a variety of project types across multiple industries including government, mining, oil and gas, power and renewable energy, telecommunications, transportation, and water resources. Key roles throughout her consulting career have included field data technician, technical specialist, project team liaison, project manager, proposal writer, business developer, and account manager.

The other is an experienced business operations, development and strategic alliances veteran, mainly within technology-enabled service companies - a serial entrepreneur for the past decade, inception and growth-stage companies are where he thrives, he is currently involved with two startups, both of which he is a co-founder.

“All three of us, as partners absolutely enjoy networking and connecting people in various roles both internally and externally to build teams and progress ideas. We wanted to channel our combined experiences and entrepreneurial ambitions to help the communities we work in. So, when we heard of BidExecs through an IFPG Broker, we were immediately intrigued. After a thorough review of the company, the team, and the concept, we knew we had found a right match.”- New Franchisees

“BidExecs responded promptly, and they kept me involved in the process all the way through.” said the IFPG Consultant

Bid Execs is an easy transition for many veterans and an inexpensive way of starting a business. Government contracting is a huge industry. BidExecs offers a unique franchise model that allows you the opportunity to own a branded business in the multi-trillion-dollar contracting industry. This is great for independent consultants, veterans, military officers, retired government employees, and professionals who are ready to take control of their future and grow a significant business. By leveraging their knowledge, expertise, and local influence to build a network of contract management, they can engage in serving key clients in their circle.

The first of its kind franchising opportunity in the contracting world - whether you support Commercial or Government contractors - all need business development and proposal support.

Congratulations on a great placement!