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An IFPG Consultant's Candidate Is Breaking "Ground" in North and South Carolina!

The IFPG Consultant's candidate spent 25 years working for someone else. He realized that he no longer wanted "just a job". He wanted to expand his net worth by building a business that I can grow and be successful. He found that with The Grounds Guys and was awarded territory in both North and South Carolina.

The new franchisee said, " I want to be in the Service industry in some capacity because I've experienced so many poor encounters, and the bar of exceeding expectations is so low. Contractors don't finish on time, vendors don't show up to provide a quote, or return phone calls. There's
room for a hard-working individual to show up on time, be pleasant, listen to customer's needs, then deliver the product on time. The Grounds Guys appeal to me because I've always enjoyed spending time in my own yard, taking care of all the landscaping. I built my own rock wall (not well), install and
maintain trees and shrubs. I'm the landscape committee chair for my HOA, and every 2 years we have to find a new landscaper because the current vendors fail to offer advice, proactively fix
areas, or meet the basic tenets of customer service."

The Grounds Guys works with corporate world individuals looking to go into business for themselves along with Military veterans seeking their next opportunity. The Grounds Guys have more Veteran-owned locations than any other franchise brand in the Neighborly family.

Those that thrive within their system are process-driven and hardworking. They have experience developing and leading teams and have a knack for operations. They are generous with their time and resources because they realize these qualities always generate a return. These qualities are also inherent in born leaders – which their top-performing franchise owners can identify with.

Congratulations on a job well done!