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Another Tutor Doctor Franchise Was Awarded In Georgia!

An IFPG Consultant's Candidates are a husband and wife team. Their background made them a fit for a Tutor Doctor Franchise and they were awarded one in Ellenwood, GA!

He has a Masters Degree in finance and has been an insurance analyst for the past 10 years. He was laid off for a period of time during the pandemic which took him by surprise and he decided now was the time for him to start some type of business, a business that will allow him to work with his wife and to take control of their destiny. His wife is an elementary school teacher who had to adapt to school closures and online teaching during the pandemic. As a teacher and a parent, she is experiencing firsthand the impact COVID had on children’s learning.

They make a great team and could see from the beginning how their skills will complement each other while building the business and contribute to its success. They were very engaged and eager to learn more from the start. As parents who always want the best for their children, they immediately realized that the demand for private tutors is growing. It was something they and many other parents and students needed, especially in the current environment we are living in.

Their educational background and professional experience as an educator and financiers were an asset they believed would help them succeed with our model. She felt her experience as a teacher would help her relate to potential tutors and recipients of Tutor doctor services. In addition, one of their children has already shown interest in the business and could help them later on as the business matures.

"Tutor Doctor continues to dominate the in-home and online one-to-one education space and is growing at record rates! While we are experiencing rapid growth, we still have lots of prime territories available, so rest assured to send your clients over to us!" - Fiorella Alva

Congratulations on a job well done!