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Benetrends Financial Helps to Fund an IFPG Consultant Candidates' Business!

Benetrends Financial

Benetrends Financial was excited to work with an IFPG Consultant and help the Candidate fund their new franchise in Naples, FL. Benetrends look forward to seeing their new business flourish and are happy they could be a part of that journey!

As the authority in franchise funding, Benetrends has been funding America's most popular brands for 35 years. Their innovative, fast, and economical suite of funding solutions is designed to help franchisees secure the capital needed to successfully launch their dreams and continue to grow and build wealth for the life of their businesses.

Benetrends features a wide range of lending options covering every type of business need, including SBA loans, equipment leasing, securities-backed lines of credit, and more! At Benetrends, helping individuals start businesses, create jobs and save for the future is more than what they do - it's who they are.