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Big Goals Ahead in Northern California for Soccer Stars Franchise


Soccer Stars Franchise

This IFPG Consultant Candidate is eager to lead their Soccer Stars Franchise, bringing their passion for the sport to the big goals ahead in Northern California. With the family's unwavering support, the Candidate is eager to lead their Soccer Stars franchise, bringing his passion for the sport to the forefront. Meanwhile, the Candidate's daughter's involvement as a travel softball player and a rec soccer player showcases her dedication to sports and community engagement. Her enthusiasm for coaching younger kids reflects the family's commitment to positive influence within the community.

Together, this family is poised to create a thriving and enjoyable soccer experience, enabling teamwork, skill development, and a sense of camaraderie. The Candidate has a diverse professional background that has shaped his journey to entrepreneurship. After leaving college, where he explored majors in Nuclear Physics, Pharmacy, and Geology, he realized he had yet to discover a true passion worth dedicating his life to. Undeterred, he ventured into various fields, including retail, maintenance work, and even bus driving for disabled individuals.

For five years, the Candidate navigated the roads as a long-haul truck driver before finding his calling as a CNC Machinist. This newfound passion for machining led him to establish his own company, where he honed his skills for the past three years. Alvin's unwavering dedication to the craft and his love for the machinist trade have propelled him forward.

Now, as a Soccer Stars franchisee in Sacramento & Elk Grove, the Candidate is poised to bring the same enthusiasm and commitment to his new venture. With a rich and diverse background, he is well-equipped to handle the challenges of entrepreneurship and drive the success of his franchise with an unyielding passion for the game.

"I've had a passion for the big game as a fan supporting Manchester United since I was six. I believe that combining a passion for soccer with my business operations background creates a strong foundation for success." – IFPG Consultant Candidate.

Soccer Stars is uniquely positioned in the incredibly important youth enrichment space with their 20+ years of experience, thematic class curriculum, and crib-to-college (ages 1-14+) programs.