Budget Blinds Franchise Closes a Deal with an IFPG Consultant!

An IFPG Consultant closes his third deal with Lisa McGill across mutiple brands in a six month period, this time with Budget Blinds!

The new Franchisee in South San Franciso and Daly City, CA, is a bright young man with a very positive outlook on his future and his abilities. The IFPG Consultant noticed that with his clients energy he would find a good opportunity with Budget Blinds. In addition, they had multiple territories available in the market where he lives which provided this client with the upside and scalability he is looking for. It is going to be fun to watch the Franchisee excel in his business in the coming years.

During Discovery Day, he was blown away by the corporate infrastructure he saw at Home Franchise Concepts – and, the professional presentations he received. By the end of the day his decision was made – as was the decision for everyone else who attended Discovery Day with him. He left with the phone number of another candidate he is looking forward to attending training with and they have been in touch since– how cool is that?!

You might want to know what the magic is, but Lisa will attest to quality of the clients this IFPG Consultant refers. "Every one of these placements has been ready for the franchise journey and well qualified. And when I say ready – I mean excited (and not skeptical). His clients just lean on in, which makes my job as an advisor easy. You know how much fun it is to work with a candidate that knows why they are there and actually WANTS to learn about your brand? Lots of fun – AND, the cycle of investigation is shorter and time to decision is shorter.  Thanks again for always bringing the best qualified clients who are prepared and eager to dig into the franchise investigation!"- Lisa Mc Gill
Congratulations to ALL on a job well done!

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