Budget Blinds Franchise Closes A Deal with an IFPG Consultant!

IFPG Member Budget Blinds' newest franchisee, a prior business owner who was skeptical of franchising, was sent to them by an IFPG Franchise Broker.

This franchisee was interviewing for multiple corporate positions and had some pretty good opportunities as “jobs” go. But, something kept drawing him back to the Budget Blinds opportunity.  He tried pretty hard to poke holes in the Budget Blinds concept, but kept coming up with nothing convincing. Add to that the weeks of excellent validation, flat royalties, and fast ramp up - and finally he just couldn’t deny the opportunity.

"In this case, kudos has to go to the IFPG Consultant for knowing and listening to his candidate.  His candidate made it clear that he wanted space as he went through the investigation process.  Rather than pushing, the IFPG Consultant kept his pulse on Lisa McGill, the BB franchise advisor, to make sure the process was moving forward and that his candidate was being well cared for." -Budget Blinds

By listening to the candidate and what his needs and pain points were, Lisa and the IFPG Consultant developed a strategy that helped him ultimately make an excellent informed decision about purchasing the franchise.

Through flexibility and good communication, the IFPG Broker and Lisa worked together for a very successful outcome that benefited everyone.

Congratulations on a Job Well Done!


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