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Caring Senior Service Franchise to Open in Novi, MI.

Caring Senior Service Franchise

This IFPG Consultant Candidate was awarded the first Michigan Caring Senior Service Franchise in Novi. The new Franchisee is empathetic and has a passion for the age group. He felt comfortable around their technology offering because of his background as well. He embraced the Caring Senior Service attitude and mentality very quickly.

The Candidate liked the culture of Caring Senior Service and that it is very scalable and has shown to be very profitable. He felt very appreciated and respected, which made him comfortable asking the tough questions. He was self-funded and also SBA funding through First Financial. 

Caring Senior Service provides non-medical home care services to seniors who need assistance with daily living activities allowing them to remain in their own homes. Their proprietary GreatCare® method offers superior services for clients and a vastly rewarding business for franchise owners through delivering Quality Caregivers, Care Solutions, and Active Involvement.