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City Wide Franchise Closes out Pensacola, FL

City Wide Franchise

The IFPG Consultant introduced his exceptional Candidate, who boasts extraordinary B2B sales experience, to City Wide. The Candidate was particularly interested in the last available territory in Pensacola, FL.

Despite initial challenges faced by his original partners in transitioning from their current investment, the Candidate's enthusiasm for the model led him to seek out and enlist other partners to join the brand! City Wide believes this Candidate has the potential to be a true rockstar and is thrilled to witness his journey as he builds his empire.

City Wide is a management company in the building maintenance industry, giving franchisees more than 20 different ways to open a door and create business because of the multitude of building services they are able to offer. City Wide franchisees start by providing management of great janitorial and commercial cleaning services and then expand from there to provide amazing value to their clients.