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Club SciKidz Franchise has New Franchise Owners in Silicon Valley, CA.

Club SciKidz Franchise

The IFPG Consultant Candidates are parents of a teenage son and baby daughter and have two adorable pet dogs at home. One Candidate holds a master's in statistics, while the other a PhD in Statistics. As part of their career, they have extensive experience in AI/ML and data science, as well as a niche expertise in statistical modeling and advanced analytics in Corporate America and other parts of the Globe.

In their words, "Our educational background and years of working experience in the field of science and technology have motivated us to contribute to STEM education at a fundamental level. We strongly believe that well-rooted knowledge builds confidence and prepares the blooming minds to drive innovations in the future. We trust that Club SciKidz's STEM program will help our ideology to turn into actual purpose. This association will open up doors to train the new generations and build future leaders."

Club SciKidz is an educational and technology enrichment program for children ages 4 to 15 that utilizes interactive presentations of structured science-themed activities in a fun, nurturing environment. It appeals to children who have a genuine interest in how things work, what things are made of, and how science works in the real world.