Deals are Closing Right "NOW" with the Help of an IFPG Consultant!

The Now Massage Franchise closes a deal in Texas thanks to a referral from an IFPG Consultant.

"A huge thank you to the IFPG Consultant for this amazing candidate referral! We are NOW at 54 units awarded in last 10 months and looking forward to more on the horizon - be sure to throw The NOW into the mix for your candidates looking for a disruptive lifestyle brand that is semi-absentee, scaleable, low investment and strong ROI! -- Jen Olson

The NOW, a Los Angeles based massage concept, was founded on the principle that self-care is a necessity not a luxury. Designed to serve as an oasis from today's digitally driven society, their goal is to offer high-quality, affordable massage services in an inspired setting.

The NOW has differentiated itself from key competition by connecting with the 147 million untapped Gen Z and Millennial generations. With a proven concept and stunning key metrics, the growing lifestyle brand is looking forward to bringing their thoughtfully crafted menu with customizable enhancements, healing products and singular design aesthetic to cities all over the United States.

Congratulations to ALL on a job well done!