Consultant News

An Elements Massage Franchise is Awarded in Idaho!

An IFPG Consultant's candidate comes from a strong background as she previously led global manufacturing companies to build strategy and growth serving as President and CEO. Within her roles, she’s had the opportunities to build and unify teams to execute growth and profitability.

She has moved quickly during the discovery process and narrowed her focus to Elements Massage from other franchise/business concepts. After being a member for 4 ½ years she knows that there are processes and playbooks already in place for her, she feels confident in being the owner/operator and focusing on the operations and marketing of the studio to be successful.

In the last year, many have paused to take inventory of what is important to them across all aspects of their lives. Health and wellness are often at the top of their list. So why not show your candidates a leader in the wellness space whose sole focus is massage therapy. It's this singular focus model that allows Elements Massage to focus on personalizing the customer experience, allowing massage therapists to be masters in their craft which helps build loyalty, repeat business, massage therapist experience, and retention.

Congratulations to ALL on a job well done!