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Ellie Mental Health Franchise is Bringing Clinics to Pottstown, PA

Ellie Mental Health Franchise

The Candidate was introduced to Ellie Mental Health by an IFPG Consultant. For the last six years, the Candidate has been a lobbyist in Washington, DC, and has also held a seat in Congress. He absolutely loves building community connections, networking, and building partnerships. Pairing that with his passion for mental health care, Ellie was a home run! The Candidate is looking forward to developing his new Ellie Mental Health Clinic in the Pottstown, PA market.

This Candidate did not look at any other concepts; he knew Ellie would be the best fit for him. When he came to meet the Ellie Leadership team, he made an incredible impression and had glowing reviews.

Ellie is a socially responsible outpatient mental health brand focused on providing an unparalleled client experience with high-quality, creative, and innovative care and on creating an employment experience where its employees are truly valued and treated with genuine care. Ellie is looking for candidates who have a passionate/personal connection to mental health and a strong connection to their community.