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Empowering Minds and Communities: Nutty Scientists Franchise Moves into Boston

Nutty Scientist Franchise

The IFPG Consultant Candidate is a creative person with a passion for education. She enjoys being involved in her community. She is a senior scientist for a Biotech Company. She loves education, has two young kids, and wants to improve the world around her while making money at the same time.

The discovery webinar played a pivotal role in her realizing the potential of Nutty Scientists. Validation from the franchisees helped her make her final decision and choose Nutty Scientists. She is excited to open her location in Boston, MA. 

Nutty Scientists is one of the World Leaders in the STEM /Science/Environment Children interactive Edutainment industry.
They offer a proven business model and are in more than 55 Countries on all continents. It's a recession-proof business, and the programs can be done online.