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Engineer Turned Entrepreneur: HealthyYOU Vending's Passive Income Solution

HealthyYou Vending

The IFPG Consultant had a candidate who was a full-time engineer with little extra time. The Candidate saw the wisdom in creating multiple income streams, so they started exploring options with the IFPG consultant. When the IFPG Consultant presented HealthyYOU Vending, something clicked with the candidates.

After seeing the simplicity of this model, it became clear that managing a small group of vending machines and utilizing HealthyYOU Vending's proprietary e-Manage software to oversee everything in this business would be the perfect fit. The Candidate started his business with five machines in Bonita, California.

HealthyYOU is a simple model with excellent support for new operators and a high-quality, US-made machine that complies with the ADA. HealthyYOU Vending offers a passive income opportunity where 90% of the work is done remotely and without employees to hire, train, and manage. An absentee owner option is also available.