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Eyelab Franchise Awards Multi-Unit Franchise Territory in Raleigh, SC


This IFPG Consultant candidate was a well-experienced franchisee in the early childcare education industry but had experience in QSR brands in the past. He has experience operating multiple franchised locations with other brands. Early in the process with Eyelab, the Franchisee knew he wanted a multi-unit territory. He negotiated an area development agreement and was awarded the rights to develop all of Raleigh- Durham/ Fayetteville, NC.

Eyelab offers cutting-edge technology, strong unit economics, and an essential product to sell to consumers. They assist their Franchisees by finding and setting up each new location. With all this help, the Franchisees often find that the potential for growth is well worth the time and effort, and it all starts with a modest initial franchise fee.

Their culture of innovation and focus on the customer experience makes the My Eyelab model unlike anything in the business, which is why My Eyelab is the fastest-growing optical retail franchise in the U.S.